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Regarding my last blog post, I discussed what keywords are and how they are helpful to businesses. Here, I will be discussing the keyword project I did for class and what I took away from it.

I did a keyword project about Keyword ads, specifying on “Ford” keywords on With my gatherings, I found information on how to accurately obtain relative and cost-efficient traffic using Google’s search engine. Ford should be able to not only boost their sales for the future, but increase their stock prices if the keywords are used correctly. I focused on both popular, and less popular keywords in this strategy in the markets for the United States along with the United Kingdom.

I put all the information I gathered in an Excel sheet, with 1,132 US keywords and 216 UK Keywords total with the main keywords seperated by different tabs. Included in each tab is the Keyword, Minimum & Maximum Search Volume, Competition & Indexed Value, and Top of Page Bid both Low and High.

In both (US & UK) keywords searches, I found it important to include dealerships near me, and older models of cars for numerous reasons. Think about when you want to purchase/lease a vehicle, you would want to find the nearest location to go about getting this vehicle as it the most convenient, right? This gives Ford the ability to drive more traffic to their main websites along with their dealerships near whomever is searching, which can profit both Ford and the dealership website used. Older models of cars would be convenient to search for as they are not as expensive as the newest model, but still are appealing to customers. I found that older models had more of a higher search and demand in the US than the UK. Additionally, although some keywords had higher competition than others, we should focus on all of them.

When approaching the US keyword searches, I put myself in others’ shoes, thinking about what I would search if I were interested in purchasing a Ford vehicle. I found that United States seemed to have more of a variety when it came to the number of keywords, along with the minimum and maximum search volume variation compared to United Kingdom’s.

While focusing solely on UK searches, I uncovered that the UK had a smaller search volume compared to the US. Out of the UK keywords, “Ford” seemed to have the most keywords compared to everything else. With specific words, this could boost their sales if they promoted more of the year before models, or just some of the keywords in that tab like Ford Ranger, EcoSport, Raptor, and mustang GT.

Overall, I found that any keywords regarding “Mustang” were very high in competition in both UK and US and we should put a lot of focus and research on Mustang vehicles. I think the information I gathered should be able to not only boost Ford’s sales but increase their stock prices if the keywords are used correctly. With a wide variety from 1k to 1M search volumes, and approximately 30 main word searches, we were able to conduct a great amount of diversification.

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I am a digital marketing major at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I created this blog to share interesting things digital marketing related that I have learned throughout this semester! I hope to benefit from this blog as i go throughout the semester as I hope you do too!

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