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“OnSite SEO” is the practice of optimizing elements on a website in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines. It helps search engines understand what users see if they visited a page so that search engines can dependably serve up what visitors would consider high-quality content about specific keywords.

MOZ has a great post about OnSite SEO that is very informative, and helped me better with the understanding of OnSite SEO.

Beyond assisting search engines interpret page content, proper OnSite SEO additionally helps users quickly and efficiently understand whether a page addressed their search query along with what a page consists of. The overall goal of OnSite SEO is basically trying to make it as simple as possible for search engines and users to both: understand what a webpage is about, identify that page is relevant to a search query or queries, and find that page useful and worthy of ranking well on a search engine results page.

We try to understand why keywords are no longer at the center of on-site SEO and why it is important to remember what those terms are which is known at content topics. User experience simply makes sure that search engines found keywords and tanked a site as relevant for those terms was at the heart of the OnSite SEO practices. Today, search engines can extract exactly what a page means from the use of the synonyms and context that are mentioned. Basically, try to understand how relevant your content really is to the user intent behind the search queries.

OnSite SEO is less about repetition of the keywords or their placement, but more about realizing and accepting who your users are, what they are searching for, and about what keywords you can create content about that best meets their needs. Pages that meet these criteria have content that is: in depth, user friendly, unique, authoritative, and aligned with user search intent. Lastly for OnSite SEO, in order to optimize a page on your site, it requires both text and HTML based changes.

I highly recommend checking out this website to learn more about OnSite SEO. It includes a very detailed guide, and the website is designed perfectly for this topic.

To better understand OnSite SEO, check out these videos:
Optimizing your Onsite SEO.
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A Complete Guide For SEO.

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