Michigan SEO Topics & Workflows

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving quantity and quality of website traffic to a site/page by search engines.
“It is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility for relevant searches,” according to Search Engine Land. SEO also traffic instead of direct or paid traffic.

The two types of traffic are OnSite SEO and OffSite SEO.

Quality of traffic, quantity of traffic, and organic results all make up an SEO. But what are they?
Quality of traffic: The attraction of visitors who are interested in the products that you offer. Sure you could get millions of views, but the only thing that matters is who is actually taking away from what you are doing. Quality over quantity is important to remember here.
Quantity of traffic: Once you have the attracted people, you start to want more traffic. You must have the quality of traffic present first, and then quantity is a must to get more people. With quality you want the right people, with quantity you want more of the right people.
Organic results: Ads make up a large proportion of multiple SERPS’s, and organic traffic is any traffic that you aren’t paying for. Sure, the more numbers and more traffic you have might look good, but if none of the viewers are natural, then what are you doing this for?

According to link-assistant.com, and the pdf I found , there are 6 steps needed to take in order to achieve a Winning SEO Campaign.

  • Step 1: Find Your Target Keywords
  • Step 2: Check Your Website’s Ratings
  • Step 3: Detect On-Site Issues and Fix Them
  • Step 4: Optimize Your Landing Pages
  • Step 5: Eliminate Harmful Links
  • Step 6: Build Quality Links

These steps in simpler terms are taken in 4 sections which are to prepare, asses, improve the website, and improve the backlinks. Taking these steps will help you when trying to achieve a winning SEO campaign, and should be helpful to anyone interested in doing so.

For more information, check out this video.

Published by Sara Hammoudeh

I am a digital marketing major at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I created this blog to share interesting things digital marketing related that I have learned throughout this semester! I hope to benefit from this blog as i go throughout the semester as I hope you do too!

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