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Google Ads- Paid Search

The term “Google Ads'” can be quite simple, as it was made by Google where advertisers bid to display short advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. When deciding what search terms you want to target, you need to take the following a dew things into consideration: Whether it’s relevant to your audience and whether it’s highly searched for.

Here is a photo of what Google Ads could look like:

So how do they work? Depending on how competitive the keywords you’re bidding for and the relevancy of that keyword to real conversions for your company, this may or may not work for you and your business. Mostly, people have found that Google AdWords is pretty constructive for many kinds of businesses, as long as they don’t decide to spend their money on the wrong keywords, along with poorly write weak, low CTR ads.

Your Google ads are eligible to be entered into the auction whenever you’re bidding on keywords relevant to a user’s search query. Your bids, Quality Score, and relevance will come into play in determining whether your ad will qualify to display on the SERP. The average cost per click on Google Ads varies by keyword and industry, but is roughly $2.32 on the search network and $0.58 on the display network.

Google Quality Score is a metric Google uses to determine how relevant and useful your ad is to the user, based mainly on your ad’s CTR, keyword relevance, and the quality of your landing page. The higher your score is, the better. High Quality Score keywords will save you money and will also earn you better ad rankings.

Google AdWords is said to be pretty straightforward for the most part, but is not easy. It takes some time to get use to and get good at, and some companies have said to lost money on it, because of the fact that they do not have enough patience to get results from pay-per-click advertising.

According to Wordstream , “on Google Ads, the learning period typically lasts 7 days since the last significant edit to that campaign. Facebook: The learning period will last until your ad set reaches 50 optimization events within a 7-day period since the last significant edit.”
So, although it does take some time to learn, 7 days is a short amount of time if you plan to use this for a while.

Overall, Google Ad’s could be extremely beneficial to your website if mastered correctly. Getting that Google Ad could help your business reach its highest potential.

A site that helped me understand Google Ads a lot, that i referenced a lot writing this post is linked here. Check it out for more details, and a more in- depth explanation.

For even more information on Google Ads Paid Search, you can check out these informative blog posts by some of my colleagues:


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