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Google Ads was a main topic I discussed in my last blog post linked here if you missed it. I discussed Paid Search, what is it, and how it is used with Google Ads.

Display Advertising is similar and difference (hence the two separate blog posts about it.) The Google Display Network is designed to help you find the right audience. Its specific targeting options lets you strategically show your message to potential customers at the right place and the right time. It is important that you find new customers along with engaging your existing customers, and drive more conversions using automation.

While the Search Network can advertise for people when they have already searched for specific good or services, the Display Network can help you or any business owner capture someone’s attention earlier in the buying cycle. You can put your ads in front of people before they start searching for what you offer. This can be an important aspect for you overall as far as an advertising strategy goes. You can also remind people of what they’re interested in, to show targeted ads, as in the case of re-marketing to people who’ve previously visited your site or app.
Google Ads also has a great feature that lets you measure how well you’re meeting your goals! You can see which webpages are running your ads, which ads are delivering the most clicks, and which sites are giving you the most value for the lowest cost you’re paying.

Changes made in the Display Network can take 12-24 hours to apply and may not show as soon as you hope. It is important to keep this in mind while creating a new campaign or when making changes to an existing campaign. You might want to set up your campaign a few days before the launch considering these changes could take up to a whole day.

Lastly, with app deep linking enabled, your app users will be able to directed to your in-app content from your Search, Display, and Shopping ads. If you wish to enable deep linking for your campaigns, creating App Links for Android and Universal Links for iOS, and enabling Google Analytics for Firebase will help track app conversions. This can be helpful, as apps are easier to use and you could have certain in-app features for members and app users that will only be available to your app users, making more people want to become app members.

For more in-depth information, here is a link to Google itself. Most information I found and included in this post was from this website, as it is helpful.
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