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The term “OffSite SEO” can be confusing at first, but I am here to break it down.

“Off-Site SEO” refers to all things that you and others act upon away from your website to higher the ranking of a page via search engines. Also considered as “OffPage SEO”, OffSite SEO refers to actions that are taken outside of your individual website that you’re using to affect your rankings within search engines results pages. This is accomplished by other credible places on the internet.
MOZ has a great article referring to all things OffSite SEO.

When learning about SEO this particular week, we focused a lot on what are called “Backlinks.” These are basically when other websites link your website to theres! For example, I have my website linked on my Tumblr, Reddit, and Medium page so if people interested in digital marketing find those accounts and would like to learn more, they can find me and the information here! (This is similar to when Youtuber’s have their website or other forms of social media linked in the description of their videos, so you can check them out there as well.) I also linked MOZ’s website up above, which was a backlink to their website, so it does not necessarily have to be your own website that you are linking.

There are 3 main types of links:

  • Self-Created Links are basically backlinks created by the user themselves that are put in any comment section of other blogs, with anchor text used here to direct viewers to their websites.
  • Natural Links are links that are given without nay action from the page owner.
  • Manually Built Links are obtained through link building activities like asking influencers to share your content with their viewers.

Earning links from outside websites are the most common OffSite SEO strategies, but others do include social media marketing, guest blogging, linked and unlinked blog mentions, and influencer marketing. These are all considered Non-Related OffSite SEO activities.

Improving the OffSite SEO of a website involves improving search engine and user perception of a site’s quality. This can happen by getting links from other sites that shares your content, or mentions your brand.

Basically, OffSite SEO comes in handy for your brand when you are on other platforms able to promote it, and are able to get in contact with people that can give you promotion for your brand/websites/products.

For more great information of Offsite-SEO, check out this blog post done by a colleague of mine!

For my visual learners, here are some informative videos:
SEO For Beginners.
OffPage SEO case study.
SEO Checklist.

Published by Sara Hammoudeh

I am a digital marketing major at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I created this blog to share interesting things digital marketing related that I have learned throughout this semester! I hope to benefit from this blog as i go throughout the semester as I hope you do too!

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